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 From now on the production of "Amínol" is presented in Ukraine!
The production of " Amínol " is produced in Azerbaijan, the sumgaí̈tsʹkomu xímíko-Promislovomu Park in the territory of tov " alko ".
The Year-old manufacturing capacity of the factory is 30 000 tons, and the scope of investment is 10 million dollars. The company produces motor, industrial, gídravlíční, kompresorní, turbínní, transmísíjní and Israel oil and lotion to them.
In the cooking of high quality mastil and oliiv are used to supplement known oil producers such as " lubrizol ", " Afton, ", " Chevron ", " eni ", " evonic ", " infineum ", " Basf ", " BRB " and " Llk " Naftan, which increases durability and increases the short stability of the production products.
The range of products "Amínol" provides the work of agregatív, surfaces of friction, znosostíjkístʹ, optimum protection of pressure and durability. The most important difference of "Amínol" is high quality. 




EPT has worked for over 20 years to advance the science of lubrication maintenance and reliability for critical applications, such as power generation, manufacturing, and heavy industry. We specialize in turbine and compressor lubricant and electro-hydraulic control (EHC) fluid maintenance.

EPT has worked with a number of the largest production facilities in the world to resolve lubrication issues and improve internal programs to prevent recurrence. This experience has led to the development of several key lubricant maintenance and testing technologies that have saved 100s of millions of dollars.

Our proprietary EPT technologies: Ion Charged Bonding (ICB™), Soluble Varnish Removal (SVR™) Electrostatic Contamination Removal (ECR™), and Total Moisture Removal (TMR™), have tens of millions of hours of proven performance on super-critical applications such as airports, aircraft carriers, gas turbines, and EHC systems at some of the largest power plants in the world.

EPT is one of the only integrated lubricant maintenance solutions companies in the world. We combine next generation filtration technology development with a research-grade laboratory and high velocity flushing services.

CleanOil, a division of EPT, is a leader in high velocity oil flushing services in Canada. CleanOil has carefully established our reputation in this important service and we will exceed your requirements with specialized expertise to deliver safe, professional and on-time/on-budget results.

  • EPT and CleanOil work with you and your company to provide expert advice, personable customer service and cost saving solutions.

Drilling Reagent Absheron-2T

 Drilling reagent ABSHERON-2T is made from agricultural waste products, pomegranate peel. Pomegranate peel contains tannin, which is an organic oxidizing and diluting agent of plant origin, which can be used as a surface-active component. The substance obtained as a result of the treatment  of pomegranate peel in an alkaline medium at a temperature of 70-80 ° C has a stabilizing and diluting effect. Reagent ABSHERON-2T has the property to organize the structure of the drilling mud. Stabilizing properties of the Absheron-2T reagent allow to reduce the consumption of polymer additives, which are used to regulate the degree of water permeability of the solution in the range of 10-15%.

Since ABSHERON-2T is of vegetable origin, it is absolutely safe from an ecological point of view. It does not adversely affect human health, as well as the environment on land and sea.

Drilling reagent  APHERON-2T is successfully used for drilling in 1000-1200 meters intervals of 

PA "Azerneft" (SOCAR)  from 2009 year.